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Touchy Topics

Posted in Uncategorized by shanaecf on June 2, 2010

While it is important to find an interesting topic, it is also important to stay away from touchy/already debated topics. Topics such as “Gay Marriage”, “Abortion”, and “Immigration” are debated and argued on a daily basis. Using these topics can lose your readers interests and only further anger them if they have already established their opinions. A good research, essay, or persuasive paper should be unique and present the reader with new ideas. Try topics that are not usually talked about. You will have a more effective outcome and readers will keep reading.

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  1. flowergirl27 said,

    I liked it. Not too long, not too short. Good point about cliche topics. Maybe add a little more spice? In reading other blogs I noticed that they are really vibrant and excited about their topic.

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