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A Healthy Topic

Posted in Topic Ideas by shanaecf on June 15, 2010

During my freshman English class at BYU-I, a classmate shared with the class a topic that I found very interesting. Should there be an age restriction on indoor tanning? I have never put much thought into this topic and it sounded interesting and unique. Not a month later did I see a commercial on television advertising the dangers of indoor tanning. This must be a topic that is important and interesting for people. Is indoor tanning dangerous? Is it healthy? Can it become addictive? I have heard valid arguments for each question. So, should there be an age limit on tanning?

-Talk to local tanning salons

-Talk to a dermatologist or local doctor

-Research the effects of indoor tanning

-Research seasonal depression and acne

-Speak with parents and adults

-Research your state’s tanning laws and regulations

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