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Dialing Into a Fun Topic

Posted in Topic Ideas by shanaecf on June 15, 2010

My favorite research topic that I wrote would have to be on cell phone jammer in high school. This was a very interesting topic to me and my audience. Cell phone jammers block service signals; therefore, leaving the student unable to use there cell phone during class. This topic is great because it is easy to find a solid argument for each side. Should they be allowed? Do they help students concentrate and earn the grade they deserve? Or, do they take away the freedom of the student? What is a student supposed to do if there is an emergency?

Whether you support the cell phone jammers or not, you should address the opposite side and give valid reasons. Here are some great ideas for research:

-Talk to local high school teachers and principals

-Talk to student. Do they use a cell phone during class? Do they think it would be effective?

-Find the laws and regulations within your state.

-Are there schools that already have these devices? If so, are they effective?

-Find information about the devise and how it works.

-Search for alternative devices or methods.

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