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Posted in Topic Ideas by shanaecf on June 15, 2010

Midway College published a list of 100 Research Paper Topics. Among the many great ideas #10 jumped out to me. “Should shoe companies be able to give away free shoes and equipment to high school athletes?” This issue might be a strongly debated topic in large cities and high schools. If this is the case I would urge you to find a topic that is a little more unique. However, in small towns the thought of companies giving away shoes or equipment to high school athletes may be a shock. In this case, research could be fun and interesting for you and your audience.

In the world today, every professional or college athlete is given some article of clothing or accessory in order to sponsor and advertise for the company and the athlete. But what about high school athletes? Should they be told what they can and cannot receive as a gift? Or, does this give the student an unfair advantage?

Good ideas to start with:

-Does this really happen?

-What qualifies a high school athlete to receive these gifts?

-Research Lebron James high school biography

-Search for stories near you.

-Interview your local high school athletes. What do they think? (Put them in the shoes of an athlete getting the gifts and also an athlete not getting the gifts)

-Research high school sports laws and regulations.

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