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Banned and Censored Topics

Posted in Topic Ideas by shanaecf on July 22, 2010

Books are not the only form of media that get banned or censored; movies, music, video games, and even cartoons also get banned or censored. What qualifies a book or other form on media to be banned? Does banning and censoring take away the freedom of choice? Are there books, games, movies, music or cartoons that are banned but should not be? Are there books, games, movies, music, or cartoons that should be banned or censored?

If you choose to write a paper on this topic I suggest that you focus on one area of banning or censoring. From there, narrow your topic even more to a specific book, movie, song or artist, video game, or cartoon. I would also suggest that you experience the form of media yourself unless you feel uncomfortable reading, watching, playing, or listening to the specific topic you have chosen.

Research why or why not it has been banned and whether you agree. Many books and movies have been challenged but never banned; these would also be perfect ones to choose. Argue your opinion with solid evidence.  Clink on the work below to see a list of banned material.




Video Games


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